Bus service in Rochester will get you anywhere you want to go. Check out www.RGRTA.org. Each bus ride is $1.00. Three bus lines are convenient to Reen's.

The Number One Bus stops just three houses away on Lake Avenue. It will take you to Frontier Field home of the Red Wings Baseball Team, High Falls, Kodak Office, Blue Cross Arena, Downtown where you can catch another bus, Riverside Convention Center, The Eastman Theater, George Eastman House, Rochester Museum and Science Center and Lake Ontario at the Port of Rochester.

The Number 10 Bus stops at Dewey and Magee, three blocks away, will take you near Paetec Park home of the Raging Rhinos Soccer Team, Blue Cross Arena, Riverside Convention Center, through Downtown, where you can catch another bus, then it goes on to Sea Breeze Amusement Park.

You can catch the Number 14 Bus at Ridge Road West (a less than ten minute walk) to go to Rochester General Hospital or anywhere on East or West Ridge Road.

Of course there is taxi service that can be arranged.

D I S T A N C E   B Y   C A R


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Colleges & Universities
Eastman School of Music - 3.4 mi/12 min
Monroe Community College - 10.5 mi/17 min
Nazareth College - 12 mi/18 min
Roberts Wesleyan College - 13 mi/17
Rochester Institute of
   Technology - 11 mi/20 min
St. John Fisher College - 11 mi/16 min
SUNY Brockport - 21 mi/32 min
University of Rochester - 6 mi/15 min

Auditorium Theatre - 4 mi/10 min
Blue Cross Arena - 3 mi/8 min
Constellation Brands - Marvin Sands    Performing Arts Center -    35 mi/44 min
Corn Hill Arts Festival - 3 mi/10 min
Eastman Theatre - 4 mi/10 min
Frontier Field - 2.5    mi/7 min
GEVA Theatre - 3 mi/9 min
High Falls - 2.5 mi/6 min
Hill Cumorah Pageant (Palmyra) - 34    mi/39 min
Lilac Festival (Highland Park) - 5 mi/
   15  min
Monroe County Fairgrounds - 13 mi/
   21 min
Niagara Falls, Canada - 90 mi/2 hrs
Paetec Park -    2 mi/5 min
Seabreeze Amusement Park - 7.5 mi/
   12 min
Seneca Park Zoo - 1.5 mi/3 min

Food & Beverage
Finger Lakes Wine Country - 35 mi/45    min
New York Wine & Culinary Center - 42    mi/33 min
Pittsford Wegmans (a "must see") - 12    mi/15 min

Golf Courses .
There are more than 15 public golf   courses within a 30 minute drive
Locust Hill Country Club - 14 mi/20 min
Oak Hill Country Club - 11 mi/17 min

Highland Hospital - 5 mi/12 min
Park Ridge Hospital - 4 mi/12 min
Rochester General Hospital - 3 mi/5 min
Strong Memorial Hospital - 6 mi/15 mi

Galleries & Museums
Genesee Country Museum - 23 mi/34    min
George Eastman House - 5 mi/12 min
Jell-o Gallery Museum - 29 mi/36 min
Lamberton Conservatory - 5 mi/15 min
Memorial Art Gallery - 4 mi/8 min
Mt. Hope Cemetery - 5 mi/12 min
Rochester Museum & Science Center -    4.5 mi/9 min
Strasenburgh Planetarium - 4.5 mi/9 minStrong Museum - 3.5 mi/10 min
Susan B. Anthony House - 3 mi/8 min

Outdoor Recreation
There are at least 10 marinas
  within a 10 minute drive
Genesee River Gorge Trail - 2 blocks/5    min walk
Hamlin Beach State Park - 25 mi/33 min
Letchworth State Park - 51 mi/60 min
Maplewood Rose Garden - 0.5 mi/10 min    walk
Ontario Beach Park - 4 mi/10 min

Amtrak Train Station - 3 mi/8 min
Greater Rochester International Airport    - 7 mi/15  min

Trailways Bus Terminal - 4 mi/9 min

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